Amersfoort, The Netherlands


Other MUNs

FirstMUN 2017

As the name suggests FirstMUN was my first MUN as delegate. It was a great experience I will never forget. I had the honor of representing South Africa in the GA1 on helping countries with independence and ethnic groups, which turned out to be challenging since I didn’t know a lot about the country. First MUN was different from other MUNs. On the first day we had a range of workshops like speaking and writing resolutions. On the end of the first day and on the start of the second day we got help on research for our topic. In addition, all the committees had double delegates meaning you had a partner who works with you. The debate turned out to be ad hoc. This means that you make a resolution by submitting amendments instead of someone already bringing a resolution and debating on what to change, add, or strike. Finally we had the debate which went good for me and my country. I teamed up with France, USA, and Spain. I was able to submit a few amendments which all passed into the final resolution.

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