Amersfoort, The Netherlands


Other MUNs

FaMUN 2017

FaMUN 2017 was my first interaction with MUNs and I loved it. I was allowed to be an admin for the GA1 with the topics concerning nuclear disarmament and cyber warfare. I did my work but I also listened and payed attention to the debate. It was the beginning of a new era.

FaMUN 2018

For this edition of FaMUN I was an admin again but this time for the Reformed Security Council. The difference is that in the RSC the P5 countries do not have veto rights unlike in the SC. The delegates had to debate on terrorism and on the problem of DPRK. The debate was boring and the were only a select few who would give speeches. Luckily our chairs were awesome and me and my friend were able to give speeches. I first gave a speech representing the DPRK and latter we gave a speech together representing ISIS.