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Tim Angevare

Who am I?

I am 14 years of age. I started programming when I was 13 and I started with Python. After that I learned html, css, javascript and my most recent language, C#. With C# I make games with a game engine called Unity. Here you can find my projects per language and in chronical order, meaning the last one is the most recent.

My story


I lived In the Netherlands but when I was 8 I moved to the US. My family and I stayed in a village called berkely heights which is near NYC for 4 years until we moved back to the Netherlands. This had a big impact on me.



I started Middle school at Farel with a TTO bilingual education and I am currently in the 3rd year of the 6 years needed to complete VWO.



I started programming when I was in the 2nd grade (13 years) I always wanted to learn coding but I never knew where to start. I found codecademy and I started to take the python course. From there I took the Html and Css course and after the Javascript course.

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